Current report 17/2016

Notification from an obliged person under Article 160 of the Act on Trading in Financial Instruments


The Management Board of the company under the business name of Magna Polonia Spółka Akcyjna with its registered office in Warsaw (“Company”), acting under Article 160(4) of the Act on Trading – information on transactions of persons having access to confidential information, informs that on April 27, 2016, it received a notification of a transaction concerning the Company’s shares from a member of the Company’s Supervisory Board, pursuant to Article 160(1) of the Act of 29 July 2005 on Trading in Financial Instruments. The notification concerns an over-the-counter transaction of sale of 43,335 shares of the Company, at the price of PLN 2.60 per share, executed by a member of the Supervisory Board through a sale order placed in connection with the share buy-back offer announced by the Company.


The person obliged to provide information did not consent to the publication of personal data.


Mirosław Janisiewicz – President of the Management Board

Tom Ruhan – Vice-President of the Management Board


28 april 2016